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Thinking of changing those sugar snacks for healthier options but can’t or do not have time for ideas? Hack these recipes! #momgoals

After having twins, our Croatian based wellness collaborator, Bojana Bubalo, from Creative Happiness Club, decided to put her hedonistic, healthy and mindful lifestyle to work and has designed amazing quick, easy snacks her kids love, and yours will too! Below find more about Bojana and some of her go-to home-made recipes, spirulina included!

By Bojana K Bubalo

Do you know how it is when your whole life you enjoy tons of hobbies? Art, yoga, healthy living, aromatherapy, books, theatre, music, languages, traveling…

The list goes on and on..but then… I got twin boys.

Everything changed, and with it my priorities! As any mom, I want the best for my kids. Moms are for some reason genetically pre-programmed to worry all the time. We don’t sleep, we want to prepare the best meals, raise them so that our munchkins grow up to be normal human beings and since one of my hobbies and passion was to cook healthier, I turned this into a useful hobby for the whole family! After all the research I did, you can find here my conclusions:

KIDS TASTE BUDS are not yet developed, so basically we are teaching them what is sweet, bitter, sour etc. Which means that there is no need in exposing kids to unhealthy sugars, when there are so many tasty substitutes.

DON’T PUSH THEM – I have witnessed so many stories of kids who didn’t want to eat (certain food or generally). Then – BANG – suddenly, they became foodies…Pushing is always a bad idea. They will develop aversion which is later hard to manage.

HACK THEM – my boys are 3 years old. Daniel loves fruits and veggies, Ivan only eats banana and apple and it’s not veggie friendly. I’ve discovered what to prepare to be sure their nutritive needs are satisfied, and at the same time that they love it. Adding spirulina, beetroot powder, crushed nuts and special spices will do the miracle. Slowly, of course!

DON’ FORBID UNHEALTHY SNACKS WHEN THEY ARE OUT –  If there is huge BIRTHDAY CAKE full of sugars at kids party – I allow them to eat a piece (as long as your kids are not allergic or have a health issue)

KEEP IT SIMPLE – ORGANIZATION IS THE KEY!  We are all overbooked. I work in a Tourism company in Croatia as creative manager and we travel a lot but I make time to prepare these healthy recipes so make sure to have your blender and ingredients handy and go…

 SPIRULINA & GREEN SMOOTHIES – if you have problems with your kids consuming green veggies, this is the perfect solution.

Extra tip: tell them this is Hulk’s or Shrek’s favorite drink!

1 banana

Citrus juice

1 apple

Spirulina or hand full of baby spinach




Depending of the amount you want to get, measure equals of:

1/3 cottage cheese

1/3 unsalted butter

1/3 flour (I use whole wheat or whole spelt)

Knead til smooth, divide in portions, stay with one portion and put rest in freezer for later.

One portion put in fridge for 30 min, take out. Knead it once more and roll 2-3 mm thin. With this you can do the following delicious snack:

COOKIES WITH JAM – roll dough 2-3 mm thin and cut triangles or circles. Fill them with some good jam or healthy chocolate and put in the oven 200C for 20 min till golden brown. I personally have jam addiction. Home-made jam of seasonal fruits (using no sugar but fructoses or palm sugar) with spices is my favorite filling!


This is the quickest solution for working moms! In a jar or glass put shredded apple and/or banana pieces, berries or some other fruits or nuts.

Add a spoon full of chia seeds, plant or cow milk and spoon of honey. Put few small closed jars in fridge.

It can stay in fridge for few days, so you or your kids can grab and go anytime!

Tip: You may also add some extra dried or fresh fruits, honey or nuts!

Bojana K Bubalo lives in Croatia with her husband an twins, Ivan & Daniel. She is the founder of the Blog Creative Happiness Club. Find her on Facebook or Instagram or Contact her by email at [email protected]


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