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Should I Add More Needles To The Process?

I remember the day my husband I decided to go for IVF! We just leaped into the process and were blessed with my lovely two girls that gave new meaning to our lives.  Talk about change! Our lives took a 360 degree turn.

I also had acupuncture treatment to help with fertility and ended up producing 21 eggs in my process! Yes, 21 eggs! Below, Jiji Cook from Family Acupuncture shares how this ancient treatment can help you through your IVF process and achieve the goal of having that beautiful baby. Change is always good!


A look at adding acupuncture to your IVF therapy
by Jiji Cook, Acupuncture Physician

When jumping into a round of IVF, most women take to google and message boards to read about each other’s experiences. Should I take extra folate? What about meditation, pineapple and… you want me to add more needles to the process too?! Acupuncture comes up as a complimentary therapy to IVF in almost every conversation about IVF.

Why is that? In short, acupuncture has the unique ability to stimulate your body’s healing response and use the placement of the needles to direct that healing response where to go. In this case, we want that healing response focused on your uterus and ovaries. So, by placing acupuncture needles near these organs, acupuncture can cause more blood flow and more oxygen to nourish these organs. Studies also show acupuncture can help increase the chance of live birth when combined with IVF therapy.

IVF often has great results, but a patient should expect that a lot of effort is put into the process. Many women find that IVF is a stressful time period in their life and can be taxing on the female body. Acupuncture is designed to help a woman relax and focus on the body’s healthiness.

Because IVF is costly and tough on the body, the idea is to get pregnant as quickly as possible. Or, in other words do fewer IVF cycles. Accomplish your goal by accenting your efforts with acupuncture and other factors that enhance the results of IVF. This can include lifestyle factors such as healthy diet, clean body & home care products, eliminating perfume, gentle exercise & more.

When looking for acupuncture during IVF, make sure to seek out a specialist. Someone who is familiar with the IVF process will be able to give you quality acupuncture therapy that is specific to each step of the cycle. Family Acupuncture in Jupiter, Florida only treats women who are trying to conceive and those who are pregnant. Long distance health consulting by physician Jiji Cook is available to those lovely ladies who don’t live in Florida!

Jiji Cook is a Licensed Acupuncture Physician at Family Acupuncture located in Jupiter, Florida. Jiji specializes in acupuncture for fertility, pregnancy, and pediatrics with a strong focus on treating patients that are working with IVF doctors. A few conditions that she often treats include: Endometriosis, PCOS, repeated miscarriage & low ovarian reserve.

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