14 Simple Ways to Claim Your True Power

“When you know yourself, you are empowered. When you accept yourself, you are invincible” ― Tina Lifford

Personal power can be defined in many ways, from influence and authority to confidence and self assertion. In the end it’s the result of who you are and what you do. To me personal power represents a movement toward self-realization and transcendent goals in life; its primary aim is mastery of self, not others.  When you learn how to unlock your personal power, you can achieve your goals and lead a more meaningful life.

In some ways, building up your inner power is like building up your outer body. It takes effort and practice, and I believe it’s always a work in progress. In order to gain, re-claim or build this amazing force that lives inside each one of us we must break old habits and learn to focus our attention in ways to cultivate and nourish our power.

Below find simple ways to do this:

Cultivating Inner Qualities:
  1. Clarify your values. Understand who you are and what’s important to you. Once you figure out your priorities, you can devote your time and resources to the activities that you find most rewarding. You’ll also have solid criteria for making moral decisions. For example, in a relationship , I call this my “Top 3”. If the relationship I am in, be it work, friendship or romantic, breaks any of my “Top 3” values, I have to let it go.
  2. Think positive. Look on the bright side. Preserve your energy and motivation for taking constructive action instead of becoming drained by daily irritations. I know this can be hard sometimes, specially when daily life takes over. What I usually do is breath and put everything in perspective. I do breath 3 times!
  3. Build your self-esteem. Question your self-limiting beliefs. Have the courage to take worthwhile risks and give yourself credit for trying. Take satisfaction in your past achievements and let them encourage you to take on bigger projects. And remember you are You-nique and no-one can be or do what you are capable of. Pat yourself on the back!
  4. Manage your emotions. Recognize your feelings without letting them distract you from making healthy choices. Deal with stress safely by talking sensitive situations over with your friends or taking a long walk. Again, breath 3 times. I use this technique with my twins and it helps them communicate better when they are frustrated or mad.
  5. Let go of baggage. Free yourself from grudges and resentments. Forgive yourself and others for any past disappointments. There is no other way to find true happiness. This is a very important step. Did you see Frozen, the movie? LET IT GOOOOO, LET IT GOOO….
  6. Persevere through obstacles. Patiently accept reversals and delays as the price of success. Sometimes you have to take 1 step back to move 3 forward. Remember your purpose and renew your commitment when the going gets tough. Simply said: Keep showing up!
  7. Be authentic. Stay true to yourself. Be prepared to align your actions with your values even when it’s uncomfortable. Evaluate your progress according to your own standards instead of comparing yourself to others. Authenticity gives you real strength.

Taking Constructive Action:
  1. Meditate and pray. Faith and mindfulness can make you stronger and more resilient. I am a testament to that! Set aside time each day to give thanks and connect with your spiritual side. Practice your faith by seizing opportunities to be kind and generous.
  2. Engage in self-care. Your physical condition affects your personal power. Keep your body in peak condition with a balanced diet rich in whole foods like fresh vegetables and fruits. Exercise regularly and stick to a consistent sleep schedule.
  3. Continue learning. Adding to your knowledge and abilities also makes you more powerful. Sign up for educational seminars at work or study a foreign language at your local community college. Take courses online and read in your free time.
  4. Communicate skillfully. Brush up on your attentive listening or public speaking skills. Monitor your body language and proofread your emails.
  5. Network vigorously. A robust network gives you more opportunities to leverage your strengths by collaborating with others. Help others by sharing your time, expertise, and other resources without expecting anything back. Stay in touch with your old contacts, and attend events where you can widen your circle.
  6. Aim for harmony. It’s tempting to limit ourselves to the areas where we feel safe and appreciated. Ensure you’re giving adequate attention to both your professional, family, and romantic life.

Give yourself permission to continuous growth without judging yourself or looking for perfection. I have found that the beauty of life lies in progressing, even if the steps we take are small. The important thing is to become the best version of ourselves.

Hope this helps! Please leave me your comments and feedback below. They mean the world to me!


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