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“If you’re not barefoot, then you’re overdressed.” – Unknown

June is here and that means it’s SUMMER-time! at least in Miami, where the heat has already begun and we can find tourists flocking the city to enjoy the sandy beaches.

People are happy it’s summer; vacation time is in full effect and the feel-good vibes of long days spent in cozy places like hammocks, beaches, and air-conditioned couches allow for great reading, like my blog! 😉

I figured what better way to enjoy the next two months talking about all things SUMMER, so expect posts on travel, event planning, kids and of course maybe a mindfulness challenge, since that is the central theme of what I love to write.

As the days begin to get longer and the temperatures start to climb, let’s explore together what this seasons brings: relaxation, family time and mindful moments enjoying the beauty that surrounds us.

XO in mindfulness,

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