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What Do You Want-Designing a Plan for Your Life

The purpose of our life is to be happy

Dalai Lama

I believe life is to be savored and enjoyed. To live life in harmony, it’s what success means for me. Each person on earth deserves to have a wonderful life. However, in order to live a life you love, it’s important to consider a Life Plan in which you’ve formulated everything you want out of life.

This holiday season is a great time to sit and reflect on your life design for the new year to come. Have you ever taken the time to draw your life pie and reflect on what you really want? Read below the suggested different areas you can start designing. It’s a great idea to print it and look at it everyday so you can attract the things you want.

  1. Your Home. Consider whether you’re living in the place you want and the type of home you prefer. Also, setting up your home to fit your wants and needs.
  2. Career and Work. Reflect on your career and ask yourself if you’re getting everything out of your work that you’re seeking. Also, think about whether you’re doing the type of work you want.
  3. Love Relationships and Family. What are your desires about your love relationship and family? Reflect on your current love relationship and whether your wants and needs are met in the relationship.
  4. Friends. How do you feel about your friends? Think about whether your current choice of friends are the kind of friends you want.
  5. Health. Physical and emotional health issues should be explored in relation to your wants and needs. Consider any changes you want to make in these areas and include them in your plan.
  6. Character. Because each person has his own list of desired character traits, consider your own character traits — those you have and those you’d like to have or alter in some way. Desirable character traits can be developed and therefore, should be written into your Life Plan.
  7. Hobbies and Activities. Explore your use of spare time. As you think about the hobbies and activities you seek to do, you can make them a part of your plan for life.
  8. Intellectual and Cultural Pursuits. People vary widely in terms of what they seek intellectually and culturally. Include these areas in your Life Plan, if you deem them important and valuable in your own life.

Designing your own Life Plan can be an enjoyable experience. In order to create your own plan, think about the various areas of your life: your home, work, relationships, family, friends, health, character, use of spare time, and your desire for intellectual and cultural activities.

Your life will become more fulfilling when you write and follow your Life Plan!

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