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Best Champagne Deals in Miami!

As you might already know Miami is a very expensive city to have some of the finest bubbly. The truth of the matter is, that going out to dinner and having wine or cocktails can be very expensive, especially if you like to drink champagne.

Due to this challenge, I started looking for places to get my champagne fix without breaking my pocket, plus, my friends and I all like the bubbly, so our Girls Night Out was getting a little pricey…if you know what I mean. Oh and don’t confuse the real thing with sparkling wine. There’s lots of places out there that offer free “champagne” hmmmmm, I don’t think so!

Here is a list of my Champagne GO TO places so you can take advantage of the special pricing and have a great time when going out in search of real bubbles!

pic by By Chloe Herring

3 Places to Find Bubbly Specials

  1. THE FORGE: Fridays VEUVE CLICQUOT Happy Hour starting at 6pm. This is one of the local favorites and it has been running for quite sometime. Order your $50 Veuve Clicquot bottle and if sitting at the bar you will get complimentary hors d’oeuvres.
  2. SARDINIA: Besides the daily Happy Hour, this local favorite (although this is our restaurant, we love that it’s a local favorite) runs a VEUVE CLICQUOT special during their weekend brunch. You can order a $50 yellow label or $85 rose bottle of Veuve from 11:30 am to 6pm every Saturday and Sunday and their Brunch menu is delicious.
  3. HAPPY WINE: Around the clock! tic toc tic toc… From 5-9pm, Sunday to Wednesday at their Coconut Grove location, Happy Wine features Around the Clock with LOUIS ROEDERER, in which the cost of your glass of champagne will be determined by the time. Example $5 at 5pm.  They also have Around the Clock with MOET at their Calle Ocho location every Monday and Tuesday.

Technically I gave you 4 places ( ha, you’re welcome). Now there is no excuse to have a decent ladies night, or brunch or Happy Hour….and if you are on a date, you can steer  your date to start or end the night with delicious bubbly…..SALUTE!



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