Escape to Ronda

This summer we went to Costa de Sol, Spain, to spend a week in Marbella, to enjoy its beaches, the sun and of course a good Sangria. My compadre recommended taking one day off from the beach and explore this magical city 40 minutes away  so we decided to get in the car and escape to Ronda, a historic city at the top of a mountain and divided by a canyon known as “El Tajo”.

It is rumored that it is the birthplace of bullfighting, a very controversial sport that still exists. The city overflows with crumbling monuments, historic gardens, wild river pools, ancient squares and Neolithic ruins. A place of inspiration for creatives like Hemingway, it’s the perfect getaway if you’re on the Costa de Sol … OLÉ

How to get there? If you are visiting Costa de Sol, just rent a car. It will take you between 40 minutes to an hour and you will enjoy the scenery on the way. If you are further away, the best thing is to fly to Malaga.

What to bring? In Ronda you walk a lot by cobblestones, so pack comfortable shoes, a bottle of water and of course do not forget your camera.

Places to see? Ronda is known for the Puente Nuevo, an eighteenth-century bridge between the old city and the new one that offers panoramic views of the canyon below. You will not want to miss the Plaza de Toros either; it is believed to be one of the oldest in this Andalusian tradition.

When to go? During the spring and the beginning of summer is the best time, so you avoid the extreme heat of July and August and the autumn rains.

Make sure to preview the slideshow atop to check out more pictures of this unique destination!

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