Dear Diary

Random Love Thoughts While Sipping Frosé

The other day i was sipping my frosé by the pool at The Standard! It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon and I decided to join two of my closest friends there.  As the sun started setting the conversation kept transitioning from boyfriends to, what is to have children, because they don’t have kids and you know the frame of mind is a bit different, we started talking about the teenage years of kids.

One of my friends have a boyfriend with kids and  one of them a teenage boy that still has no “girlfriend”. We were discussing his love-life like an episode of CSI, dissecting and looking for an answer as to why there was NO girlfriend.

All of a sudden, I said: maybe he likes boys. What do you think? And even though my friend had thought about it, she mentioned the father would have a heart attack.

This obviously was the end of our CSI conversation and the start of a new one. How can at this day and age where our culture preaches “Love is Love”, we are still caught up on sexual preferences specially when it comes to our children?

The discussion went from the boy maybe liking boys to same sex marriage and people having kids. And even though I was the only mom in the group, I realized I was the one with a more relaxed point of view.

The question my friend asked me was: how do you explain your twins same sex marriage?

Well, my kids have grown up surrounded by friends with two moms or two dads, and when they asked me: How come my friend have two moms? My one and only response has been: well, there are many types of love and families, just like you have a mom and a dad, they have two moms. In the end LOVE is LOVE, and that’s what matters.

Left it at that! I don’t think the subject needed more color or importance. My girls are 8.

And I explained this to my friends. Why make something so simple so huge? Right now we have no filters in my home: we don’t see race or sexual preference or economic status or anything that can create discrimination and only when I have seen my daughters make a weird comment it’s because they learned at school from someone else.

And as the subject with my friends took a new turn to talk about the beautiful sunset, I still think about the teenage boy and wonder if he feels free to be himself or caged in his father’s point of view!

I hope my girls always feel  free to be themselves!

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