Re-Do Bricks, Helping Autism One Piece at a Time

My great friend Marianela Mora started Re-Do Bricks with her sister Margeiry after her nephew was diagnosed with autism. This venture is growing fast because of their commitment. love and unique accessories. They are made with lego pieces and anyone can use them. Their line includes hair accessories, jewelry and much more. My twins go crazy about them and Re-Do Bricks products make great party favors and gifts for all occasion.

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Let’s get to know our Mompreneur for this mom!

Describe yourself in 5 words

Happy, Dreamer, Loyal, Determined, Friendly, Spaced Out ( LOL )

Please walk us through a day in your shoes as an entrepreneur

I always create a weekly agenda, which I accomplished approximately 65%. Every day after leaving my son at school, I work in creating new pieces. Depending on the weekday, I make space in the afternoons for order requests, social media/marketing and buying material. At end of the day, if I completed that 65% of tasks it makes me go to sleep Happy!!!… I hope one day bring in up from 65% to 95%

How do you go about marketing your business and what tips can give others?

Since I don’t have marketing background I have been studying/ reading about the new digital marketing era. I have created the basic for the business: Facebook, Instagram, web site, and I actively participate in events in my community.

tip: be more active in social media, and make sure to let everyone know about your product.

Have you ever had to sacrifice something at work to make family work? or vice versa?

I think we always sacrifice one thing for the other, because time flies and when you are working you are focus on your job and vice versa. That’s why we need to have a balance and schedule and separate our time for family and business.

What is the best thing to have happened to you because of RE-DO Bricks

Many good things happened, starting with the affirmation to myself that I can be committed to my own ideas and my own dreams to come true. And I’m sure many more to come.

How do you keep yourself organized and make time for everyone and everything? Any helpful tips?

I have an agenda, but some days to make time is hard, and that is why I postpone things with less importance to next day because there are tasks that take more time that you planned for.

tips: try to stick to your agenda.-

Favorite fun thing to do with the family?

eat ice cream together… we try to share them … LOL …

we play SOFT ball and we laugh a lot with that, because we throw the ball in a crazy fun ways.

How do you unwind from it all?

Power bike, girls night out and wine!

What’s your favorite date night?

Go out for drinks in a romantic environment, to relax and chatting.

Guilty pleasure?

Desserts and gossiping social digital marketing hehehe

A piece of advice to mom-preneurs

… when you feel you are about to give up, … breathe deeply and go read an inspirational quote and watch a music video or listen to an inspirational speaker.

You can order Re-Do Bricks accessories online. Make sure to follow them on social media at @ReDo.Bricks

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