After School Checklist

The joys of motherhood! You know what I’m talking about….how can something so amazing make you feel so much love and at the same time so much frustration.

Twin motherhood is not a piece of cake. I learned to organize myself early on with feeding, pooping, weewee schedules. Drawers sorted by folded pants and shirt sets, labeled and color coded bottles, pacifiers, toys…you name it.

But you know where I fail? After school schedule! I remember my mom, a very busy working woman, posting a calendar at my room door. The calendar showed hour by hour what I needed to do, including the 30 minute max of tv. Now that the twins are 9 and my broken record annoys me and certainly them, I decided to create an After School Activity Checklist.

MAGIC! like David Copperfield magic! Yes, and now I feel more at peace.

A checklist can help with:

  • Homework organization
  • After school chores
  • Emptying out lunch boxes
  • Making sure kids get a snack
  • After school activities/classes
  • Bedtime routine

Because no two kids are alike, I have left the Checklist empty and I have created a “boy” and a “girl” version.


Make sure to print the list and I hope it helps you in keeping your sanity and theirs, teach them to be more organized and helps create a routine. Let me know if it helped you in the comments below!

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