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7 Ways Solitude Helps Balancing Your Life: Checklist

“In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself” – Laurence Stern

There came a time a while back that I had ended a very significant relationship in my life. It was hard, extremely painful and full of heartbreak and tears. I remember going grocery shopping and just standing still in the middle of the aisles crying. Not loud crying, but rivers of silent suffering through my tears.

One day, I woke up and decided to stop suffering and focus on me, on learning to be alone, on enjoying every single moment, without overthinking or expectations of healing fast. After all, healing was a process, but not more than that. I decided to give it the space it needed and stop it from engulfing my existence. That’s when I discovered the importance of solitude. It helped me gain back my inner strength and power and it certainly made me a better daughter, lover and friend.

In the process of spiritual evolution, it is important to understand the key role solitude plays in our lives to achieve harmony and balance. Read below to know several ways it can help you:

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  • IT PUTS YOUR LIFE IN PERSPECTIVE Being in your own company gives you the chance to see where you’re headed in terms of your relationships, career, and spiritual evolution. Each day, strive to spend at least half an hour looking back over the previous day and analyzing how you lived it. It’s important to evaluate your relationships with your loved ones and your colleagues on a regular basis.
  • HELPS YOU LEARN TO BE INDEPENDENT Independence also has to do with emotional self-reliance. Spend some time every day without your cell phone or Facebook friends. Doing so will help you learn to enjoy life on your own. After all, you don’t have to be in the company of others in order to feel fulfilled and happy.
  • GET THOSE CREATIVE JUICES FLOWING Are you a creative person like an artist, musician, designer, or writer? I sure am! Take the time to polish your ideas and projects. Creativity will fulfill you and help you become emotionally independent.
  • ENRICH YOUR RELATIONSHIPS Give some breathing space to your spouse. After all, you don’t have to be together all the time. Enjoy activities on your own and allow your partner to do the same. Doing so will help to make your relationship more enduring. Avoid spending too much time away, however. Try to find the right balance between solitude and intimacy.
  • HELPS YOU CONTEMPLATE AND GROW SPIRITUALLY Are you looking for spiritual peace and tranquility? Spend some time alone in contemplation and self-reflection. Use 10 minutes of meditation daily, there are several apps that can help you. Spiritual evolution is the goal of every member of the human family, so work toward it and experience the ultimate joy.
  • TRANSFORM YOURSELF Solitude will help you transform your shortcomings and bad habits. You’ll be able to see yourself objectively and change for the better. One way to reflect on this is to think of all those you’ve harmed and disturbed by your actions and attitude. The next step is to repent and rectify your mistakes and of course learn to apologize. It will bring more peace into your daily life.
  • SPEND YOUR TIME ALONE IN A CONSTRUCTIVE WAY Engage in life-enhancing activities in your solitude: Write a journal, listen to classical music or any music you enjoy, do some gardening, read a good book, or cultivate your hobbies. Have fun and learn to entertain yourself!

I hope you find richness in taking time alone, it will allow you to spring into your truest self!


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