Woman in central park during FAll
This Month

Letting Go

“The key to being happy is knowing you have the power to chose what to accept and what to let go”-Dodinsky

When I was deciding the theme for FALL, I came across the above quote and I thought to myself, the best way to end the year is with a theme of Letting Go, like Elsa in the Frozen movie.

FALL marks many celebrations. The holidays are here, Halloween which we love, Thanksgiving is around the corner and then Xmas marking the beginning of winter . Everyone is excited for the end of the year, specially 2020 and the new year, making plans, resolutions, improvements.  In order to prepare ourselves for the gifts that 2021 will bring, we must learn to let go of all the situations, behaviors, people and things that are holding us back.

Letting Go can be challenging but with daily practice and a desire to move forward it can be achieved.  After all, just like the quote above, we don’t need to be caught up in anything that burdens our growth and the desire to become a better version of ourselves. Let’s walk this path together and get ready for the best to come.


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