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Peaceful Retreat: Eat,Sleep, Workout….Sage!

I used to burn sage in all my apartments before buying my house. For some weird reason that I can’t explain, I completely forgot to clean the energy in my new home when I bought it. Blame it on twin motherhood brain malfunction or plain oversight. The good thing is that I found my way back to it.

Even though my house has a really amazing vibe, there is always accumulated energy that becomes stagnant.  Stagnant or negative energy can have extremely detrimental effects on your mental and physical state and is even believed to manifest into things like a lack of happiness and success as well as pain and disease.

And because I want a space full of happiness for me and my family, I sage my home monthly or every other month depending on how the energy feels. 

Smudging can help combat negativity, clear the energy in your field, and help you start anew and that’s why I do it on Sundays, the first day of the week, more specific: the first Sunday of the month is a MUST.   

Smudging is an ancient ceremony in which you burn sacred plants, such as sage, to allow the smoke to clear and bless a space. Here I will share my ritual. You can do your own at home or office or anywhere you feel needs energy clearing and if you can’t burn, I will advise to spray… I will provide suggestions on product to buy.


The first thing on the list is White Sage or a White Sage Smudge Stick. Do not use the regular old sage in your kitchen. And if you buy online, make sure to purchase high-quality, ethically cultivated sage.  I read that sage clears bacteria in the air. Sage smoke offers rapid delivery to the brain and efficient absorption to the body. Scientists have observed that sage can clear up to 94 percent of airborne bacteria in a space and disinfect the air. When sage is burned, it releases negative ions, which is linked to putting people into a positive mood and increases their spiritual awareness. The second thing: You can use an Abalon shell or any recipient that can sustain the burning of the leaves.

Abalone shells are also a gift from the sea and, thus, symbolically represent the water element while the unlit herbs represent earth, the lit herb represents fire and the smoke represents air. In this way, the act of smudging invites Mama Gaia into the center of the ceremony to hold space for any transformations that will occur.

Third thing on your list: a feather, it represents the air element. And finally, I use music through-out the cleansing. My favorite CD (yes, yes, CD, don’t judge me) is Dead Can Dance: Into the Labyrinth and the track I like is Yulunga. It gives me peace and I feel connected with my ritual.


Remember to open a door or all doors and windows to allow for the energy to circulate. The energy you want to clear MUST have a way out. DO NOT forget this step….es muy importante!


Light your sage on fire and then fan the smoke with your feather around your body and anyone else in your space. My husband and my twins are use to it and partake in this ritual. They also call me a witch, but I have gotten use to it…

I start smudging my home clockwise saying a prayer with intention, inviting only the energy that will be of my highest and greatest good and I make sure to ask the unwanted energy to leave my space, in my mind’s eye as well as voicing out loud.  Also, I stay on the left side of the room and smudge on circular motion. After I’m done inside of the house, I usually go around the outside and once done, I bury the smudge stick.


Once done with the smudge ritual, I like to bless my house with Holy Water.


After all is done, I like to light up an incense. My favorite brand is Fred Soll’s, it’s products are amazing because they are resin on a stick. I absolutely love the ancient blend Frankincense & Myrrh. Some people prefer the florals. I think whatever rocks your world is amazing!

There you have it…not too complicated, right? Just as we eat, sleep and workout to keep our bodies in tip-top shape, this ritual keeps our energy bodies in balance. I hope this cleansing will help you become more aware and aligned with your highest and greater good and with your emotional, mental and physical body.

If you want a graphic to help you with your cleaning, make sure to use this one from our friends at Energy Muse:

Let me know how it went by sharing your experience in the comment section.


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