Hi Beautiful Soul!

I’m Michelle, a multi-passionate mompreneur, blogger, digital creator, restaurant owner and former realtor; passionate about spirituality, mindset, neural manifestation, human design and personal transformation.

My true purpose in life? To help as many people I can reach their infinite potential and live a life in Alignment & Authenticity!

A little about my journey

I am from Puerto Rico and manifested my move to Miami in 1999 in search of a new beginning.

Back in 1997 I was supposed to start my medicine career in Neurosurgery, something I loved but was not “in love’ with. I realized I was living completely out of alignment, following a path that was conditioned and not connected to my true self. I knew I had a higher purpose and needed to find what it was.

After moving to Miami I wanted to experiment with all things that made me happy in an attempt to reconnect to my authentic self. Since medicine was all I knew, I had to start over, forcing myself to stretch my beliefs and adapt to my new life.

That lead me to have a career as a waitress, pastry chef, bartender, all the hats you can think of in tv production, producer in TV/Film, event coordinator, copywriter, brand & marketing director and finally Real Estate Agent which lead me to Small Business Ownership (Restaurants).

It has been an amazing ride and I am still active as a Small Business Owner and love it. However, through the decades (starting in my late teens) there was always a voice inside me telling me I had a bigger purpose.

I knew that I was put on this planet to make a massive difference and remind others of their infinite potential to have a life lived in Alignment and Authenticity. I had been helping others shine for a long time, I just never really took the leap to make it my career.

I believe when you align with your authentic self, you can manifest the life you are meant to live: infinite, limitless, and abundant of it all.

Let’s unlock your next level together!

Certified: Life & Spiritual Coach, Neuro Coach & Human Design

La Ciau del Tornavento Cantina


I live with my wonderful husband and two daughters in Miami. We are a multicultural family (Italian-Puertorrican) that loves music, to travel & enjoy new experiences, all things Halloween and Christmas, sharing our life with friends and family and giving love to our dog Coco.

I am grateful you are here in my little cyber space, I hope you stay!

XO, M 💋

Get to know Me…

Design: Pure Generator, 2/4 Profile, Right Angle Cross of Consciousness 4

Astrology: Sagittarius with Taurus rising & Moon in Aries | Life Path 9 (27/9)

IVF Warrior: I had a very rough pregnancy and let’s just say I am grateful to be alive, and although I lost one of the triplets, God blessed me with two amazing daughters that I love with all my heart.

Daily Must: morning warm water with lemon-tumeric-ginger, antioxidant green smoothie, lymphatic massage, exercise, meditation, frequency sounds, coffee (cuban or italian)

Favorite things to do: anything spiritual, writing, reading, listening to music from jazz to lounge, traveling the world, exploring Miami & spending time with family & friends.

Drink of Choice: Champagne, Barolo or Scotch neat

Guilty Pleasures: Slow mornings, french fries and peanut M&M’s

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