If there was a title to describe you it would be: Household CEO. ? (Mom-Multitasker)

But, if there was one word to describe that job, it would be: Exhausting!

In the words of Jamee Tenzer: “For a woman who is used to excelling and meeting goals on the clearly marked highway of life, the reality of motherhood with its twists and turns, confusing road signs and occasional detours, can make even the most accomplished woman crumble under the pressure.

Rather than keep trying to meet all those expectations, maybe it’s time to revise the list and start spending more time enjoying the scenery along the way?

After all, parenthood never ends. That bears repeating; it NEVER ends – it just changes and morphs in unexpected and wonderful ways”

Maybe you…

  • Want to have more quality time for yourself,  your partner and your children
  • Need help with keeping harmony in your spiritual, working, and mom life pie incorporating fun along the way

Trust me my friend, I’ve totally been there and sometimes I am still there!

And that’s where this BLOG comes in!

See, I am also a working-multitasking-loving-mom of twins and I know your feelings, frustrations and need to have MINDFULNESS & harmony in life! Look at the picture…lots of bubbly (boom)

Hi, I’m Michelle M. Pacheco-Gallo, and as I go though my own MOM journey of Mindful living in Miami,  I love to help others along the way by sharing what works for me!

I am also a Mompreneur with several business in the hospitality industry, for which I run all media/marketing relations, I also hold a Real Estate license (for over 13 years..OMG) but only practice for close family and friends and I just started a Miami Mompreneur community because I saw the need to support Mom-owned businesses and share resources on how to succeed…hence #findingharmony !

How did I start this Blog? 

I actually started a blog called Bubbles & Lollipops in 2016, it still exists but I gave it to my twin daughters, let’s see how that turns out hahahaha! I noticed that the name was not representing what I wanted to do, so I changed to Diary of Miss M, to make it more relatable and kind of journal-like.

Venting a little in my Dear Diary section, writing about the subjects I am interested in like: Mindfulness, self help, goal setting, spiritual growth, mindful motherhood, including having a fun life in the sexiest place on the planet, Miami! (did you read that as if you were Pitbull? I know you did, #totallyintentional)

Through my facebook page Diary of Miss M and my Mom Community Group, I share information and resources that I find interesting and helpful.

Now, I am launching this adventure about being more mindful and hope to share with you my discoveries along the way in hopes of making a difference in my life, your life and the life of others, without forgetting to always have fun and not to loose track of who we are….

A little about me:

My Mornings: warm water with lemon, my super elixir berry smoothie, affirmations, meditation, gym, coffee & simple breakfast!

Bliss: Sundays, champagne, jazz, family activities, fun with my daughters, date night, travel

Guilty Pleasures: Any time-frame alone that I don’t fall asleep because of exhaustion and can read a good book, watch a movie or the next best Netflix series (that’s luxury my friend and you know it!)

Wellness: meditation, morning pages, journaling and silence are a must!

I might have forgotten something (mom brain) but that’s what this blog is for!

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And hey, thanks for being here. I genuinely appreciate it!

XO, M.

*se habla español e si parla italiano #lifein3languages

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